my name is shana, it rhymes with banana….

gorillabuns – the namesake of this site – was haphazardly chosen after sleep deprivation and one too many “sinful” beverages.

i am the all-time, kick-ass, crappy karaoke performer. i own such a machine and will sing to my husband in order to have make-up sex and mortify my guests with my lounge-like behavior. beware…..

still reading?

i’m the ice-breaker of many a friendship, STRONGLY dislike people who drive with cell phones glued to their ears, patrons who don’t push their empty shopping carts to the end of the shopping cart line, close talkers, and freaks who stand in my personal space. don’t get me started on people who hug me when i’m not cocked and fully loaded.

otherwise, i’m sure you’d love me. like, really, REALLY love me.


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