Future make-up counter advisor


Such a vast improvement from my daily spackling.


21 thoughts on “Future make-up counter advisor

  1. I’m here! I don’t know anything at all about WordPress but I wish you luck transferring everything. Happy New Year! By the way I actually have a Growing Pains t-shirt which I got at a taping of the show. I was all into that when I moved to California 24 years ago.

  2. This looks great! I started out at Blogger and switched to WordPress about a year or so ago and I really like it. And I don’t think you need a new header! Hahahahahaha!

  3. OK, I love this, your header is making my life. I think this could be a great thing for you. BUT. You need a dot.com, not this wordpress.com bullshit. I use Cathy at Desperately Seeking WordPress and she’s legit. She handles all my hosting and troubleshoots ANY problem that comes up. She can also transfer all of your posts and comments to this site like magic. If you try to do that yourself, you might lose all your comments and I know that would make me sad.

    Also, you need ads. Vodka doesn’t pay for itself.

    I seriously want those gloves.

  4. The header is perfect. And while all my girlfriends were into Kirk with their posters and BOP magazines, I was the rebel and lusted after Jason Bateman from Valerie. Oh, how I adored him. Still do.

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